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‘Golden Kiwi’ back on sale

In a pitch to those who can remember the 'good old days', new airline Kiwi Regional has introduced the Golden Kiwi 'all you can fly' air pass.

Valid for a six-month period from the date of purchase, the Golden Kiwi can be used as a ticket on any Kiwi flight, between any Kiwi destinations, on a standby basis (i.e. if there are seats available at the close of check-in for that flight), with both cabin and checked-in baggage.

In a move that brings the Golden Kiwi into the digital age, the airline is auctioning its first Golden Kiwi air pass on Trade Me, to help establish the true 'market rate' for the pass.

The first pass went into the auction at a $1.00 reserve, and in two days has reached $1,011.00, with 42 bids to date. The Auction closes on Wednesday 7th October.

Kiwi CEO Ewan Wilson said "the airline is always trying to innovate with the services and products it offers to the forgotten regional residents of New Zealand."

"The Golden Kiwi air pass will be fantastic value for money for a regular traveller between our regional centres."

"It has been used in the United States by a couple of their more innovative airlines, and we expect it will become popular here with people wanting to visit friends and family regularly."

Mr Wilson said the Golden Kiwi air pass added to Kiwi's other innovative services:

  • actual child discounts (25% off standard adult fares) - where other airlines just used 'child' to enable accurate weight calculations but gave no discounts
  • extending child discounts up to 15 years of age
  • no hidden extras that have to be 'unchecked' to avoid extra charges
  • no credit card fees added after the flight is booked

Trade Me Auction link :