Noise Management Plan

During the consultative feedback on the proposed runway extension the airport received feedback from the local community about current aircraft noise. This feedback identified the increasing movements of General Aviation (small aircraft under 3 tonnes), and particularly circuit training, as an airport noise issue.

As a result of this feedback Hamilton Airport (HA) developed a Noise Management Plan (NMP). The NMP describes the policies, standards and procedures used to manage noise generated by airport activities and is designed to be expanded as noise mitigation measures are identified and implemented.

An important component of the NMP was the formation of the Airport Community Advisory Group (Advisory Group). The Advisory Group provides a means for the airport, community and operators to understand the issues, identify possible mitigation measures and make recommendations to HA.  Should a complainant wish to speak to a community representative, details are below:

Brett Whitely - 027-694 8740
Meg Wilshier - 021-228 7755
Mark Eman - 029-856 3555

Please click here to view Hamilton Airport’s Noise Management Plan.

If you have any feedback, questions or comments about the NMP please contact the Community Liaison Group, C/O Hamilton Airport on +64 7 848 9027 or click here to email the Group.

Minutes of the CLG meetings are also available on request.

Reporting Noise Complaints
In response to feedback from the local community Hamilton Airport has set up a process for reporting, recording and investigating noise complaints. 

Noise complaints, questions or feedback regarding the Noise Management Programme should be directed to:

The Community Liaison Group
C/O Hamilton Airport, Airport Rd, RD2, Hamilton 3282 
+64 7 848 9027
Email the group by clicking here or