Rescue Fire & Security Officers

RFS Team

Hamilton Airport has a team of nine Rescue Fire and Security Officers based on-site at the Rescue Fire Station. Rescue Fire and Security Officers are an integral part of the airport company. They look after airport emergency response, which includes firefighting (aircraft and structural), medical response and the safety and security of the airport environs and the terminal buildings.

Rescue Fire & Security Officers are available to assist the public 24 hours a day. They regularly patrol the terminal building, grounds, car park and air-side perimeter fences and also monitor apron safety. The officers play a key role assisting airlines and border agencies with both domestic and international flights. The rescue fire team is fully qualified in fire rescue, emergency response and first aid. They also conduct regular fire safety and maintenance inspections and provide training for airport tenants in fire evacuation and emergency response.

The airport has three rescue vehicles and one incident control vehicle which are backed up in an emergency by Hamilton Fire Service. The firefighting appliances hold multi-media agents - AFFF foam, dry powder and water for firefighting. Hydraulic cutting equipment is on standby and there are also two large water supply tanks on site for firefighting. 

Rescue Fire & Security Officers can assist with general enquiries outside office hours. They can be located by enquiring at any of the terminal counters or by telephoning +64 274 961 750 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).