COVID-19: information for Hamilton Airport users

Under Alert Level 1, Hamilton Airport’s terminal is open to the public, and flights are going out as scheduled.

Alert Level 1 precautions and information:    

  • Face masks/coverings are currently required on all domestic flights in New Zealand.  You are welcome to bring your own face mask if you wish, and Air New Zealand does supply masks on their flights.  Both cloth and surgical masks are acceptable for use inflight.  Click here for more information on face coverings from the government.
  • Physical distancing conventions should be followed  – these are communicated through posters, digital and physical signage.   We’d love everyone to help us out with this by taking personal responsibility for physical distancing - this keeps us all safe – keep a two metre distance.  
  • Please use the hand sanitiser dispensers that are placed around the terminal.
  • We’ve rearranged the furniture to ensure we can maintain a safe two-metre distance from other travellers.  Bear in mind though, there may well be family groups who don’t require that level of distancing, so don’t be alarmed if you observe this.
  • We have a robust cleaning and sanitising process – particularly around high touch areas such as check-in counters, touch screens, hand rails, door handles etc.  Of course it is important you take care of your own personal hygiene as well, so please:
    • Wash your hands well
    • Sanitise often
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Cough/sneeze into your elbow
    • Practice physical distancing


If you are being tested for COVID-19 or you need to self-isolate, please do not visit our terminal.  Enjoy travelling around New Zealand, but make sure you follow all the standard personal health measures and keep a record of where you’ve visited and who you’ve been in contact with – just in case!  You can download the NZ Covid Tracing app and scan our barcode, which you will find in multiple places around the terminal.

Retail food and beverage

Propeller Airport Cafe is open for your coffee and fresh food fix - head up the stairs or use the escalator/lifts.  

We also have a retail offering of books, magazines, confectionery and travel-related products for purchase upstairs.


Our car parking facility is operating as normal,  For information about parking at Hamilton Airport, see our Parking page.  Please use contactless payment options where possible.

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