Meet WINK: Hamilton Airport's media sensation!

In late January, a little bunny soft toy was left behind at Hamilton Airport.  He sat in our lost property box for a day or so, but then we realised some little boy or girl would be missing their bunny, so we decided to put his picture on Facebook and see if we could reunite them.

Well, the story touched a nation! We named him Wink because he only had one eye, although we felt pretty stupid a week or so later when we realised he did in fact have two eyes; one was just covered with fur!  Anyway, the name Wink stuck! 

While we were looking for Wink's family, the staff team at Hamilton Airport decided to show him a good time, and by doing so, we were able to share with Wink's adoring public some "behind the scenes at the airport" content.  He went for a drive in the rescue fire truck, visited the air traffic control tower (where they kindly made him a high-vis vest and mask!), hung out in the cafe and bar, directed our finance team, took our Finance Manager Scott, flying and just generally made himself part of the Hamilton Airport team.  

Through his adventures, he gained quite a following on Facebook and before long, Hillary Barry took an interest and interviewed our Customer Experience Manager, Angie Beardsmore, about him. This was quickly followed by an appearance on Seven Sharp and a quick visit with the Prime Minister, who was having a meeting in our boardroom.  She shared his plight on her social media accounts and Wink's star rose even higher!  

Finally, by the power of social media ... Wink's family was found!  A little boy named Beauen had dropped him at Hamilton Airport on his way home to Christchurch after visiting his grandparents. In short order, we were all waving Wink goodbye and he was on plane with Jordyn Rudd to be reunited with little Beauen and his family.  You can watch Wink's heart-warming reunion here on Seven Sharp.

We'll do a few more articles here so you can get the gist of the story, but if you want to see it play out in full, visit our Facebook page.  

And shhhh ... there may still be some Wink adventures to come.  Fingers crossed!


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