Congratulations to Mark Morgan

The team at WRAL (Waikato Regional Airport Ltd) would like to offer our Chief Executive, Mark Morgan a massive congratulations on being awarded Business Leader of the Year at the recent 2021 Waipa Business Awards.  

Summary from the awards:

"In the hugely challenging industry of aviation and tourism, CEO Mark responded to sector challenges through COVID by diversifying business revenue streams and concentrating on leveraging the assets at his disposal.  He has invigorated land sales and property development, changed Waikato customer perceptions vis a vis flying out of Auckland and transformed the customer relationship with Air NZ.  The land holding bought valuable revenue through successful cropping.  He interacts with a capable business Board and a group of diverse airport shareholders.  He leveraged the business relationship with Hamilton city and the H2A corridor.  

Mark has navigated very successfully the sectors most affected by COVID; aviation, travel and tourism.

Judges notes: Demonstrated ability to deal with current operational issues whilst at the same time actively working through a strategic vision that covers the next 20-80 years.  Building a strong team that could carry the business forward.  Working closely with the Board as well as a number of key local stakeholders as well as stakeholders at various levels of government and central government.  The development plans are impressive and the financial modelling and scenario planning are excellent.  As well as the above, nurturing a very positive work environment."   

Again, congratulations from the team at WRAL.

Photo L:R: Simon Hollinger (Airport Operations Manager), Angie Beardsmore (Customer Experience Manager), Annabel Cotton (Board member), Mark Morgan (Chief Executive), Margaret Devlin (Board member), Dion Merson (Property Manager), Kate Searancke (Board member), Julie Hampson (Executive Assistant), Jason Dawson (Chief Executive Hamilton Waikato Tourism)


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