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Child Flight

Working together for our children's future

Child Flight Charitable Trust and Hamilton Airport have joined forces to raise the profile of disadvantaged children in New Zealand communities. Through teaming up with local aviation communities to give free flying experiences, as well as teaching programmes such as ‘Curious Minds’ and ‘MyBuddy’, Child Flight has been working hard to give students from disadvantaged backgrounds exciting opportunities through aviation.

‘Curious Minds’, a programme developed by Professor Kathryn Pavlovich (Patron of Child Flight), teaches 9-13 year olds to see the world in a curious way. The 4P’s – purpose, perception, pausing and positivity – form the backbone of the course, encouraging students to embrace creativity, cope with adversity and challenge the norm. ‘Curious Minds’ lessons come after a half-hour flight, which sparks real excitement in the students.

Since being established in 2012, Child Flight has flown more than 500 disadvantaged students, gifting them invaluable opportunities to learn and fly in a plane. Many of these flights will give the students new perspectives on life – the impacts of which may be life changing.

Hamilton Airport is proud to support Child Flight and looks forward to aiding more of their charity events in the near future.

To find out more about Child Flight Charitable Trust visit their website www.childflight.org


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