We know airports can be stressful environments  at times, so we are committed to ensuring our airport is accessible and welcoming to all members of the community.  We are proud therefore, to support the globally recognised HIDDEN DISABILITIES SUNFLOWER.

The HIDDEN DISABILITIES SUNFLOWER is about supporting people with a hidden disability, making the invisible, visible and helping them attain the understanding, patience and assistance needed when going about their daily lives.

Why wear a sunflower lanyard?

Many people with a disability use or carry something - whether that's a wheelchair, guide dog, hearing aid or white cane - that visibly indicates what the disability might be.  But other disabilities, such as autism, dementia, mental health issues or learning difficulties, are not so obvious.  Under THE HIDDEN DISABILITY SUNFLOWER, if you have a disability, you can choose to wear a lanyard, pin or bracelet bearing a sunflower logo as a subtle way of letting others know you may require additional support, assistance or a bit more time.  Either you, or a person you're travelling with you can wear the sunflower - it's your choice.

Our staff are trained to recognise the sunflower lanyard and to provide any support you may need during your airport journey.

Where can you get your sunflower lanyard?

Sunflower lanyards can be requested by phoning our Administration Office on 07-848 9027.  It can then be collected on, or prior to, your arrival.  Please note: the sunflower lanyard does not get you through queues faster or provide a personal escort through the airport. 

Facilities at the airport

  • Toilets - all toilet areas have mobility access. 

  • Prayer/sensory room - this is located on the ground floor.  Visitors to the terminal who wish for a quieter experience can go here and wait away from the busier areas of the terminal.

  • Lifts - automatic lifts provide access to both levels of the terminal.  Panels are braille-enabled.

  • Airport doors - these are three automatic doors - all wide enough to accommodate wheelchair access.

  • Luggage trolleys - are available free of charge in the terminal and the car park.

  • Wheelchair use/special assistance - please contact your airline if you require a wheelchair or special assistance at the airport.


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