Titanium Park's infrastructure is leading edge in terms of capacity and security of supply.

One of the advantages of a master planner business park is the ability to incorporate state of the art, customised infrastructure, designed for business usage.

From the Council reticulated water supply and sewage network (to the Raynes and Central Precincts) to the full high voltage power, fibre optic telecommunications and natural gas (Western Precinct only), the infrastructure is world class.


Telecommunications will be reticulated throughout the development via a fibre optic capable network.


Council reticulated, mains pressure potable water will be supplied throughout Titanium Park and will ultimately provide storage for up to W4 fire fighting category.  

Street Lighting

Proposed white LED lighting increases public safety and is more efficient to run than standard street lighting systems. 


Council reticulated wastewater system to the Raynes and Central Precincts


Road dimensions designed for unrestricted (highway legal) use and to accommodate a future public transport network. An existing taxi rank services the Airport.


Onsite soakage combined with underground reticulation and treatment swales for overland flows improves the quality and will reduce the amount of stormwater flowing to Mystery Creek and the Waikato River.      


Underground modern cabling supplies 11KV power to Titanium Park    


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