Titanium Park is a business park under development near Hamilton Airport. Very high demand for land at Titanium Park has meant that most of the land within the Southern, Western, Central and Raynes Precincts (to the south and east of the Airport) has either already been developed or has been purchased for development.

The next planned stage of development surrounding the Airport is the Northern Precinct, which is an area of approximately 130ha located west of the Airport’s main runway. Most of the land within the Northern Precinct is owned by Titanium Park Ltd and Rukuhia Properties Ltd who are working together to plan for the future development of the area.

41ha of the proposed Northern Precinct is currently Airport Business Zone in the Waipa District Plan, and the remaining 89ha is Rural Zone. A Plan Change application has been lodged with Waipa District Council to zone the entire proposed Northern Precinct as Airport Business Zone. The Plan Change process will occur over most of the remainder of 2022.

Information which was presented at a community information day held on 1st March 2022 is available to view by clicking the button below.  

Feedback can be provided to the project team at any time: e-mail us here.


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